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Best friends come and go, but memories are forever

Friendship is a beautiful thing. A bond beyond a simple love and a connection as great as family. However, times move forward, people change, and the lines that once linked even the best of friends can snap at the hands of the fatal blade we call life.

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I’m scared of being vulnerable

My biggest fear is vulnerability.

As a blog writer, this might come as a huge surprise-especially since my entire blog is literally my feelings- but I cannot stand the idea of not being in control.

I never really understood this fear until recently. I always thought I was just having weird teenage dilemmas, that I was only questioning myself because that’s what kids my age do, but I don’t think that’s the full story. Taking a step back, I can trace a certain pattern, an imbalance in my life that is driven by none other than fear.  Continue reading “I’m scared of being vulnerable”

The power of a sticky note

Today I wore a sticky note on my face.

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Motivation: 3 easy steps to loosing it

It’s quite difficult to keep moving forward when life gets tough, especially when you have no drive to do so. As simple as it would be to give you guys tips on how to regain motivation, I, being the pessimistic person I am, will be listing off how I easily loose motivation. Hopefully these steps will help you remember what not to do when you have a project due the very next day.

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Future or inevitable doom?

[Here we go again. I don’t post for weeks, and then return with a sap trap of a post. Oops]

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Compared to what?

This is a message to me and anyone who needed to hear it.

Why do you compare yourself to everyone? Why do you think that one always has to be better than the other? Why must is be a competition?

Because here’s the thing, it’s not.

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Finding a new angle

Learning to gain different perspectives on people or situations is a skill everyone should value. When we see through the eyes of another, that’s when we truly understand how they feel.  Continue reading “Finding a new angle”

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