Today I wore a sticky note on my face.

It’s funny how a small gesture as being silly can turn into so much more.

My friend found a sticky note in her book earlier today and gave it to me. I put it on my forehead (Because that is what normal humans do when they receive a sticky note).

It wasn’t much at that point, just a sticky note on my face. However, I kept it there. Part of me worried that people would find it odd that I wore this sticky note on my forehead, but that quickly rushed away when my friend asked why.

Why? I asked myself.

My immediate answer was probably going to be something silly like, “Because it was meant to be”ย orย “It’s my true passion”,ย but instead I thought a bit harder for a more meaningful answer.

“It’s a metaphor,” I told her “we put sticky notes on things that we deem important, or to write reminders. My sticky note is placed on me, to remind myself that I am important.”

And the day went on. I kept the sticky note on the rest of last period, and when it fell off, I got a new one. A bigger one.

Busing home was an interesting experience. I got the puzzled looks and stares, but no one really opposed it. It was just there, on my forehead. A reminder to me and a mystery to all else.

Even walking home, I kept this piece of sticky paper on my face and rose my head high. Drivers, pedestrians, even two dogs stared at me, but I no longer minded. I was sure in their heads, they were swimming around in questions and bewilderment, but they simply had witness not a random girl with a post-it on her face. They witness a girl learning to love herself. A weird and unique girl striving to find anyway to remind herself that she was important.

This sticky note was the best thing that happened to me all day.

It’s amazing how this small piece of adhesive paper could impact me so much that it was built to do.

Don’t forget to love yourself,

Because each and every one of you are important.