It’s quite difficult to keep moving forward when life gets tough, especially when you have no drive to do so. As simple as it would be to give you guys tips on how to regain motivation, I, being the pessimistic person I am, will be listing off how I easily loose motivation. Hopefully these steps will help you remember what not to do when you have a project due the very next day.

1. Putting off tasks

The classic culprit, but it effects us all. This is the base of procrastination. We tell our self we will do it next week, tomorrow, tonight. We push for this task to be prolonged, but all we do is loose the motivation to actually complete the task. I find most of the time, I push my homework so far down the road that the value of the work decays. My brain notices how much I don’t want complete these assignments which, in end makes me feel like it is unnecessary to accomplish.

2. Getting distracted

This one is quite obvious. Who wants to do their science homework when they could spend the time binge watching their favorite television show. Majority of my procrastination aided by my electronics, a new book or even my friends. When you are busy lost in doing the things you love, it is easy to shove away the things that you don’t, like school.

3. Negative thoughts

Lastly, a point most people over look, but negative thoughts are a huge factor in motivation decay. Our brains how the incredible ability to crush our dreams and desires in 5 seconds flat. In my case, school or passion, my brain will find a way to put a halt on my life goals. Whatever the case, motivation does not come easy when the only thought on your mind is how none of it matters and none of it is worth it.

Motivation. It’s something we all want, but can’t always have.