This is a message to me and anyone who needed to hear it.

Why do you compare yourself to everyone? Why do you think that one always has to be better than the other? Why must is be a competition?

Because here’s the thing, it’s not.

The only person you should be fighting to be better than is yourself. Why focus on the other’s work when it’s yours that really matters?

You are a talented writer. So stop telling yourself your not. You aren’t going to ever be J.K Rowling, because you are not her. You are you. You are never going to write Harry Potter, because you are going to write your own book some day. Don’t give up because an experienced author wrote a best-selling book series. You are still young and still learning. You will find your voice and make it to where you want to be.

You are an incredible student. You don’t have to be the valedictorian or top of the class to show that. You don’t need the validation of a 100% average. Your marks are steady; that is good. You aren’t failing any classes. All your marks are at least above 70%. So why treat yourself like you are at a 30% or below? You work so hard for the marks you get; accept that you are doing well and be proud of yourself for once.

You are beautiful. Your body is gorgeous. Your face is radiating. So look away from Instagram for one second, step away from the pages of other people and look in the mirror. Notice the things that make you beautiful. It’s okay to feel like you have flaws, but everyone has them. The people on your feed have flaws, your friends have flaws, you have flaws… And that is okay. Because without flaws what even are we?

You are amazing. Look away from the other people and just look at you. How far you’ve come, what you have accomplished.

Don’t worry about where the other’s are at in their life. That’s their business; that’s their life to love.

Today, love yourself.

Don’t die.